The Starving Novelist
"In all manner of pursuits there's a tendency to overesimate brilliance and underestimate persistence. Talent is common. Determination is rare." -Ralph Keyes

Hello, and thank you for visting my website/blog.  Since I can't really talk about my writing to anyone else (telling someone you're a writer is like telling someone your dieting, yet you haven't lost any weight), except a couple trusted confidants, this website will become a place for me to vent, whine, and celebrate all the ups and downs of this crazy journey I'm undertaking.  Misery loves company, so please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences. 

My only hope is that you're not coming here with the expectation of reading some REALLY good, quality writing . . . because, you won't.  This website is like crawling into bed after a long and exhausting day.  This is where I can be myself.  I don't have to worry about proper dialogue format, or whether I changed the agent name on the query I just sent out (crap!).  This is home.  That file on my laptop that haunts and teases me, or the urge I feel to check my email an obscene amount of times throughout the day, - that's work.
So anyways, now that you've been forwarned, I can explain the name of my website.  First, yes, I'm the starving novelist.  Though I'm a bit afraid which part of that title people will laugh at most- the "starving" part (I live to eat, as opposed to eat to live), or the "novelist" part.  I think some will doubt I'm either one.  Though if it's one thing I've earned over the past year, it's the title of "Novelist."  Through a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (though not literally- ew!), I wrote, edited (and edited, and edited, and edited), and formatted a manuscript.  Now for the starving part- I'm trying to get it represented.  My desire and determination to get published can only be described as a deep-rooted hunger.  I'm starved for recognition, for someone in the "biz" to actually read my manuscript and tell me "Hey, it's not too bad."  Because as we all know, friends and family don't count.  Don't get me wrong, I'm highly appreciative of their acclaim- I literally cried when my BFF emailed me to hurry up and send her the next three chapters- but, for someone who doesn't know me (and who's a "professional") to like my writing??  Well, that's every writer's dream.