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I wasn't planning on posting anything until next week, but I wanted to share a funny little story.  First off, I should mention that when it comes to following your dream/calling/destiny (whatever you want to call it), I don't believe there are any "accidents."  I'm not an overly religious person, but I do believe God gives me little signs that I'm on the right track, or to keep going (especially when I'm about ready to throw in the towel).  For instance, a couple of my requests for submissions came when I was at my lowest- and I mean LOWEST.  Also, I've had two requests that have come from unusual cirumstances (me screwing up). 

Happy accident #1-  I touched upon this in my previous post, but I'll say it again.  I once received a request for a full from a big time agent at one of the biggest agencies, AFTER sending the query addressed to the wrong agent!  Of course, I noticed right after the fact what I'd done, so I quickly re-sent the query, along with a little note apologizing.  Some people told me this probably made things worse (I kind of agreed with them, but oh well).  Anyways, you can imagine my surprise  when the request for the full was in my inbox.  I like to believe (my slip up) wasn't an accident.  Maybe it made my query stand out, or maybe she's just really understanding when it comes to things like that.  Either way, woo-hoo!

Happy accident #2 (my funny little story)-  So there's this agent.  I originally emailed my query to her in mid-September and got a rejection shortly thereafter (didn't put the date I got rejected on my spreadsheet, just marked it off as 'rejected'). On October 29th, I ACCIDENTLY queried her again! I somehow must've overlooked her on my spreadsheet (this has NEVER happened before). Anyways, guess what was in my inbox on Monday? A request for a partial! The funny part is, the two queries weren't all that different. Who knows, maybe she was in a bad mood the first time she read it, or maybe two different people read the queries (interns possibly?). Either way, I'm thankful for the second chance.

Like I said, there are no accidents when it comes to following your dream ;o)

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