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Happy New Year to all!  I hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays.  I did my best to relax, and succeeded somewhat (it's hard to relax when you have children home on winter break- especially chidren that spend 50% of the day fighting with one another).  I even took a week off of revising/editing my ms, and treated myself to some mindless entertainment.  Though I suppose that statement isn't exactly true- watching  "The Tudors" isn't exactly 'mindless'.  You REALLY have to pay attention to what's going on, or you'll get lost.  It also helps to know a little of the backstory.  Lucky for me, I'm a HUGE Philippa Gregory fan (The Other Boleyn Girl is probably her most well-known novel) , so I have a little bit of an advantage.  

Yes, it is safe to say that I'm momentarily OBSESSED with the Tudor Dynasty, especially Philippa Gregory's novels on the topic.  I love, love, love her writing.  I've always said there are two types of authors, (1) those who can tell a good story, and (2) those who can write a good story.  Regarding the latter, some people can write a book beautifully- the writing is, simply put, "pretty".  It flows like poetry, and reads with ease.  While reading one of these books, you can tell the author was confident with his/her writing, and did not struggle, or at least the author makes it seem that way.  On the other hand, there are some writers that are REALLY good at telling a story, but the writing itself is less than stellar.  There's a very well-known author, whose books were like an addiction to me when I first discovered them- I literally couldn't put them down, and when I wasn't reading them, I was thinking about them.  This author is an awesome story teller, but her writing isn't exactly . . . the greatest.     Anyways, my whole point in all of this, is that Philippa Gregory is both- a good story teller AND a beautiful writer. 

I am a very picky and critical reader, so when I find a book I love, I will usually read everything the author ever wrote (I've done this with Mya Angelou, Toni Morrison, and Laura Ingalls-Wilder) .  I am on my fourth novel by Philippa Gregory, and she has yet to dissapoint.  I highly recommend checking her out- especially if you're a fan of historical ficiton (funny thing is, I never used to be!). 

As for "The Tudors." I finished season 4, and I am half way through with season 1 (I haven't seen 2 or 3 yet- I know, I got a late start).

Again, Happy New Years to all!!  It feels good to be back! 

1/5/2011 01:35:24 am

I like your writing, I like your blog, and good luck on the agent hunt. (Saw you on AW!)

I haven't watched The Tudors yet, but it's on my List of Things to Do in 2011. : )I too love Philippa Gregory.

1/5/2011 01:55:12 am

Thank you for the compliment. Your kind words mean a lot to me!


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