The Starving Novelist
* I REALLY wish I could write faster . . . I'm so envious of those people who can write an entire novel in the span of three months.  Even if I had unlimited time, I don't think I could do this. Writing does not come easy for me; the words do not 'flow' from me like they do for some writers.  I often struggle with every sentence.  On average, it takes me an hour to write just two pages.  On a bad night, it can stretch to about an hour and a half :o( 

* I wish I could write as vividly as I imagine.

* I wish some of my best ideas didn't come between the hours of 11:00 pm & 1:00 am (when I'm trying to go to sleep).

* I wish I liked to read women's fiction.  I've forced myself to read some while I was writing The Fine Line, but I didn't really enjoy the books.  Is that strange that I like to write it, but not read it??

* I wish I could find another book/book series like the Twilight Saga.  I almost needed an intervention while reading those books.  Seriously.  I was ADDICTED to them- as in 12 step program addicted.  I read them every chance I got, and when I wasn't reading them, I was thinking about them (and suffering from withdrawal symptoms).   I've yet to get that feeling from a book since then (though I'm always looking!).

* And finally, I wish I could be a fly on the wall of an agent's office.  Actually, a bee would be better- that way I could sting them after they reject my query/ms ;o) 

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