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Sometimes wishes do come true!  I was just saying how I wish I could find another book/book series to fall in love with.  I wanted to find a book that would pull me in and not let me go.  Well, I found it with Suzanne Collins's THE HUNGER GAMES.  

When the first TWILIGHT movie came out, I had to see what all the hype was about, so I rented the movie.  I thought it was okay, and then a friend told me I should read the books.  So, even though I hadn't read anything longer than an article in "Parents" magazine in years, I decided to check it out.  I was reluctant to read a book about teenage vampires (blech), but I thought 'what the heck?'  Well, the rest is history. 

A similair thing happened with THE HUNGER GAMES.  Being a writer, I'm always checking out blogs, websites, etc., and one book kept popping up (everywhere)- THE HUNGER GAMES.  I'm not a fan of science fiction (at all), but once again, I had to see what all the hype was.  Well, well, well . . . let me just say I was in for a treat.  I checked this book out last Tuesday (3/1), and had it finished by Friday (3/4). 

THE HUNGER GAMES is an amazing book.  The story is refreshing and beautifully told.  I love it because it's simple, clean, and straight to the point.  For example, there aren't pages and pages of landscape description (ugh, I HATE that).  Collins is able to put images into the reader's imagination without beating it into his/her head.   To say this book held my interest would be an understatement.  I kept waiting for some down time in the plot to take a break from reading, but there is none!   The story is action packed with smidges of romance and humor.  The main characters are likable and easy to get attached to (I found myself getting teary-eyed a few times).  I HIGHLY recommend this book.  Go. Get It. Now.  ;o)

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